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You Did it Again!!!

Our Diamond Anniversary community quilt show was a sparkling success!!!

After hanging a record 590 quilts; we had a record attendance, sold a record number of quilts, counted a record number of ‘voters’ choice ballots, and received a record number of compliments from our vendors and Eureka businesses. Congratulations to Marie Blunk for winning the ‘Voters Choice Award’ with 34 votes for her quilt #8, titled “A Little Birdie Told Me I Could”. Lorrie Hockett was a close second with 27 votes for her quilt #285, titled “Times and Seasons”. Thank you to all of the talented quilters who shared their prized possessions with us!

AND this event would not have been possible without our wonderful volunteers, fantastic business community and awesome sponsors.

Thanks a million to all involved!


Be sure to SAVE THE DATE for the 2015 show – August 1, 2015
We will begin planning for breaking these records in 2015 in just a few short months!